June 10, 2013

She's Crafty

Did you happen to sing that title? Do you remember the song by The Beastie Boys? I won't mention how old I was when the song came out. Okay, let's get to business!

It's officially summer & the time has not slowed down around here! Lots to do & my craft-to-do-and-want-to-try-list is a mile long! *this is a good thing! I'm not alone on this either, my girls love to use our craft room often too!

My new watercolors! {love!}, embroidering on a layout... that I ended up NOT using! *note to self: use on layout asap!, this heart w/quote was painted by my 15 yr old for her bff. Love the end result! Can you see the sparkles? They cover the entire board. She has punched hearts from a bunch of patterned paper hanging on the twine also. Super cute!

What are you up to since school is out? Yes, I could stay in my craft room... um, all summer! Honestly, w/these Arizona temps?! Sign me up & thank you. A dip in the pool & back to crafting away!
Happy day!

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Diana Waite said...

I agree to hot to play outside--inside is where it's at!