November 7, 2012

Happy Wednesday

What in the world? I just clicked on my blog in my bar and BOOM! Gone just like that! Has any one had this same problem? I don't get how that happens. Once second your blog that you've had for years just decides to no longer exist the next? I had to get a text from Google w/a code, enter the code & voila! my blog reappeared. This Blogger deal has me afraid. Very afraid. I'm trusting my memories, photos & years of blogging to them, to just simply disappear in a nano second. I think I have to take the WP plunge in the next few days. It will definitely be a HUGE learning curve. Please keep your fingers crossed.

Did you vote?! We did. Mailed the ballots in. Almost ran out of time too because we've been sick! That's another story for a different day. However, we are feeling a bit better. Just waiting on results from a second blood test & chest X-ray...

Do you have family/friends back east? I'm from Jersey and cannot look at all the photos and footage w/out crying. All that I grew up with and have known? Gone. The beaches and boardwalks will never be the same. There are too many childhood memories to when I would go as a teenager w/friends. My very first job was on the Pt. Pleasant Boardwalk working a game. I would also go there by bike or car and go any time of the year. The season and weather did not matter. I loved going solo for a bike ride and just sitting on the jetty or beach and write in my journal or lay on a blanket and just fall asleep listening to the ocean. I love the smell of the ocean! Jersey ones at least! Living in the desert and seeing the Cali beaches.... nope. I can definitely do without the seaweed! yuk! I can deal w/a few jellyfish here & there but swimming w/a clump of seaweed on your leg? Eww. I'm sure there are beautiful beaches in Cali but until I see 'em? My heart still belongs to Jersey. I've been in contact w/friends and family back home and my heart aches for them. And NY? I have family there as well and going to clubs and just walking around the city? I never could imagine this happening. Never. I could go on & on about my love for back home. I just want them to know my heart goes out to them and the prayers haven't stopped. Keep strong Jersey & New York!

(This is what's left of Seaside Boardwalk. The entire end of it is in the Atlantic now. This same thing happened in Pt. Pleasant as well... along w/the entire east coast. UN-believable.)

Keep the entire east coast in your prayers!

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