February 9, 2012

Just another day

Today was a blur that started at 5:15am. I can give you a glimpse into my every day. Just grab a pillow... because by the end, you may need a nap!

woke up & got myself ready
Antonia & I took Graciella to school
emailed 2 teachers on the road: no school for 2nd & 3rd grader
call school to report two sick girls will be absent again today
Dunkin Donut stop w/Antonia
avoid collision by work van
chest x-ray for her chest pains
call dr to fax over chest x-ray script over to EVDI for Lele
p/u G from 1/2 day of school
drop off two sick girls at Gramma's
back to school for 3 conferences
dr calls during first conference
Antonia's x-ray results: suspicious meaning pneumonia
back to Gramma's & p/u everyone
drop off Gramma at Frys
stop at CVS for Antonia's med
take girls home & catch up on emails
2 breathing treatments & meds for girls
p/u Gramma & take her home w/her groceries
take Valentine swap partner's box to post office & mail off
p/u Graciella & teammate and drive to soccer practice
dr calls on way w/Lele's x-ray results: all good!
NEED to take a deep breath at this point....
stop by scrapbook store on way home & p/u this:

while in store, Antonia calls me
I answer & she tells me "mommy you sound tired"
I'm still in store & she texts me when I'll be home
I get home & clean up kitchen
get soup ready for Antonia & myself
break out Vitamix-er & family takes turns making own drinks
read story to Lele...

and this all brings me to now. Whew--! 
my body feels tired. My eyes are ready to close.
and as I type, both boys are snoring {our Shelties}
just need to eat & lie down.
but first, check sleeping girls' temps...


Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

It seems like you had a really busy day!I'm following your blog, visit mine and return some love back if you like it :)

Anonymous said...

woah..thats is really really a buzy day for you!
just breathe in between..
I know how buzy days can overwhelm you..
hugs.. :)