November 29, 2011

Happy Tuesday

I have lots to be grateful for. Prayer has a lot to do with this. Things for me are getting back to normal, for me at home too. This meaning club soccer schedule, laundry, cleaning, cooking, homework, my girls... I missed all of it. Call me crazy, I know. Do I wish I had a personal driver, chef, lawn, cleaning person to do all for me? Yes. I would just tend to my girls non-stop then. =) Perhaps someday. For now? I am it, right along side my husband. On my list to do is to grow my stock pile of coupons! I used to do Coupon $ense & loved it. I love the show Extreme Couponing & my girls do too! This is what we're striving for! Plus the money saved can go towards everyone's wardrobe! Or my scrapbook stash! I do have plenty and then some to work with nowadays though. =)

I just wanted to pop in & say hi real quick. I have lots of photos to share too! Have a great week & stop by soon.


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