October 27, 2011

Travel Abroad

Hello again! It's great to be back! =) My 2nd grader needs YOUR help in order for her Travel Journal to see the world! I can send out asap but would love for it to start far, far away. We live in the US & if you're interested, you can email me your mailing address at: callelillycafe @ me . com

All that is required is that when you receive it, you can write, tape a photo, draw, anything that is appropriate for a 2nd grader from your country/state & then send to a friend. Think of it as a traveling Smash It book for those of you who scrap! I cannot wait to see where her book travels to! Anyone who wants to decorate or add to cover: feel free! The complete directions will be inside her journal. This book can travel from today until April 2012. Oh, the places it'll see. We're excited!! The emails I receive, I will have Leleanna pick from the bunch!

**if you receive & need someone to send to, please email me. I'll have an address to give you from all the emails. If not, send to friend that'll be happy to help us!

Thank you in advance for your help. 

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