July 3, 2011

Healthy Cookies

Is there such a thing? I hope so! I bought this cookbook a year or two ago w/hopes of trying all the recipes soon after. No such luck. Enter in our soccer schedule... um. thee end. Now back to our regular scheduled program! If you want to sneak in some healthy foods that otherwise your kids will simply NOT eat, then this book is for you!

Our first try at it, my 13 y/o & I choose the Chocolate Chip Cookies w/chickpeas. We skipped out on the walnuts & raisins though. (her choice!)

Another great thing w/this book, it spells out the how-to for purees w/veggies. It explains that & more. Yes, I'm a fan! Perhaps I should keep this on my counter!

We used dark brown sugar, but next time I'll use light. =)

These cookies are super soft even when cooled off. We put them in fridge after a day of being in air tight container on the counter. They taste great cold w/a glass of ice COLD milk! Yes, I add ice to milk bcuz it's simply NOT cold enough right from the fridge. Why is that??

*Just looked through cookbook & 13 y/o decided on the Creamy Potato Soup w/cauliflower & carrots. Off to swim in a few & back to make some soup!

Do you have recipes with hidden ingredients?  Please share if so!
Happy Weekend! 

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Shannon said...

A friend sent me that cookbook and I am starting to review it and try it out. My sweet girl eats everything but I am looking to improve my cooking skills for her (to make them healthier).

CalleLillyCafe said...

Me too Shannon! We have 3 girls at home w/zero time to cook w/soccer schedule! But my girls like to choose a recipe & try it out. Yes, I'm lucky they like to try new things! =)

FitterTwit said...

You are such a photographer!!! And those cookies look AMAZING!!! I hide ingredients all the time. Zucchini is a great one and goes in just about everything from cakes to cookies to meatloaf.... it's quite stealthy! LOL!