March 21, 2011


Today was a gloomy day. My day started off w/me taking forever to get ready (thanks to my hubby for washing my hair & doing the sponge bath deal. not a fan.) He even had to call & push back my hand therapy appt! I get there & didn't bring my new script for my right hand. (turns out we left hospital last wk & were not given one. great.) So today only left hand could be worked on. Carlos & girls picked me up afterwards, still raining out & a quick stop at Rubios for lunch to go and we headed home. Hubby & I sat and watched this while eating lunch. New love.

Okay, if you have yet to catch this show on The Travel Channel?... you're missing out. No joke.

Fast forward to tonight: hubby goes to work, super dark, cloudy, rainy out & girls have bedroom door closed & all three are working on a dance. I'm at my Mac & BOOM! Lights out folks. No warning. Pitch black. I get up, not thinking to grab my iPhone for light & head to kitchen to grab flashlight. Girls come out  straight to me & stick to me like little baby ducks. And the boys follow suit. Soon enough, our house is lit up like St. Patrick's Cathedral w/all the candles. Yes, it was pretty. My girls thought of our neighbor, so we invited her over & she brought this w/her:

We never played this or heard of it but we are going to purchase soon! We even had teams and Lele & I won twice! *the lights came back on soon after the game started but we kept on playing. =)

Thanks again Connie! xo


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

we lost out power too and we made the best of it with a cozy candle lit night!!!

thank you for visiting my blog!

Diana Waite said...

we had power yesterday--but how fun you played sequence--we have it too!

Unknown said...

Sounds like an adventure. We love Sequence. Hope your hands are feeling better soon!