February 15, 2011

Deb Thompson Photography Winner

**giveaway is closed**

We have a new winner!

Taleah! I have emailed you w/info.
Congrats & have fun!


Today has been one busy day already! Here's a typical day & mine so far!
drop girls at school
home to finish getting ready, eat, etc
take care while driving: my hand surgeon needs to cancel my surgery for Weds.
p/u mom & take to eye dr
take call while driving: eye dr needs to reschedule
continue to take mom to dr, they reconsidered!
drop her off & run to Director of Finances for AAYS (that would be us! check on side bar!)
talk w/her for a minute, make copies, business stuff, apply burn med to my arm (curling stick attacked me this am!) Thanks again Katherine!
pick mom up & pick out new glasses for her
Panda Express w/mom for lunch
drop mom off at Fry's & need to be back in 45 mins
on way home, drop off my new Shape ups for return (too small!)
next stop will be to pick her up & drop her groceries off & continue on to her physical therapy appt!
I will then p/u girls from school, while the hubby p/u Gramma
home to get ready for soccer game
& the day will not stop there!
Are you still w/me? =)

Lula Lola said...

I'd be very interested in learning more about taking natural. Especially how to use reflectors, diffusers, etc. If I were to choose a dream location, I think I'd go for a vineyard. I can imagine some dreamy shots.

**Please send me an email w/your info & I will forward to Deb Thompson. Congrats to you again! 

Enjoy your day!

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