January 16, 2011

Girls' Nite Out

I should say Twitter girls! We, as in myself, SheyB, her asst Natalie, Melissa & Laura Winslow of LWPhotography. We met up & ate at Blue Wasabi. I tried sushi for the very FIRST time & I liked it! My plate was called "Eating Nemo". Afterwards, we headed to Caketini & I had a coconut sparklie cupcake! Compliments of Shealynn. It was YUMMEE!! Thx again Miss Shey! And of course, I snuck that baby in!

Mostly all the cupcakes had sparklies on them! That one to left is the yummee coconut one. So delicious!

Speaking of babies... Melissa went home to get her 4 mos old Emma. She is beautiful! So she spent her evening w/us big girls... then we saw this:

This movie was good, but strange, freaky, not a movie for kids, made everyone jump at one point, never would picture Natalie Portman in this role. Hmm.

Let me know if you see movie! I heard so many different takes on it. Yes, this is a different one alright.

Happy Sunday all!


Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun night. I didn't know about that cupcake place! I've been on the lookout for a GOOD cupcake, so I'm going to have to check it out.

Coffee@3 said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on our blog :). We would LOVE to try to meet up with you gals next time for girl's nite!!! Sounds fun!

Shey said...

Fun times! :)