December 10, 2010

Jr High Masquerade Dance

What a hectic day! Gingerbread houses in the am, jewelry shopping after, home to get ready... I did get to chaperone this one too! My daughter & her friends wanted me to! (yay for me!) The girls looked so grown up & pretty! And the shoes?! Heels. Wow. How could a little girl walk so--- good in heels? Scary. Others, wasn't happening. Most took shoes off to dance & kept them off! I thought it may take a while for the kids to dance?? Nope. Happened from the start. Then... the slow songs came on. 

Step one: Put your hands on my shoulders.
Step two: Put my hands on your hips.
Step three: Step side to side like robots, while keeping the 1.5 ft space between us at all times.

Haha! I had to laugh. It took me right back to middle school. They were all too cute! All the kids danced without having to be told "that's inappropriate!" I was happy! A teacher had told me she taught at another Jr. High & the way the girls danced?? I won't repeat word for word, but they should of had stripper poles in the gym. Not good.

Now, I'll talk about my little girl: Graciella. She looked too pretty! She had the best time, as well as the other girls! Yes! Very first dance & it was a hit!!

Graciella & her bffs

Aren't they all too pretty? Time is flying by! (And my little girl finally grew over Turkey Day wkend!)

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