October 7, 2010

Creative Estates Update

I wanted to explain a little something about this little ol' conference ... I had a few ask so I feel I need to explain. Miss Shealynn of SheyB camera straps is the Founder & I am the lucky girl who is here to help w/all from A to Z, ie: the co-Founder. This may explain why I know the little tid-bits of important info on speakers & such on Creative Estates. We are so excited w/all the ideas, plans, speakers, etc for this conference. This is going to be a great one, if I do say so myself. A seasoned crafter, as well as a newbie can benefit from attending this conference. There will be so many new people to meet and soak up all the great info, tips & tricks from our speakers. You're not going to want to miss this gem!

Here are a few ladies in our lineup:

 (if you never heard, tell Patrick he can have his rock back!) 
Shealynn from SheyB
Becki Crosby from WhippyCake
Kim from TomKat Studios
Melanie from Above All Fabric
Kari from Ucreate
& more to come!

I was able to attend a blogger's conference in May & in my opinion, that along w/many other blogger's conferences focus on the business side of things, mom's who blog to make $$, etc. (don't get me wrong, I had fun & met many great ladies!) We are targeting the crafting community, from sewing to scrapping, from photography to designing a blog, etc. You get the big picture don't you? I am so excited about being a part of this, from the ground up! You will too, I'm sure of it! 

To explain things further, head on over to Creative Estates & read all about it. 
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