October 17, 2010

Click Happy

I can not stop. It's a virus I tell you. I see a link on Twitter & I click. If it's crafty, I'll stay & read. If it's shabby, has birds, owls, fabric, scrapbooking, digital frames, love the colors, re-decorate, upcycle... I'll stay reading away. If  a button on the side catches my eye, I'll click it. I will also click on that 'follow by google connect' button as well. If there's a giveaway? I'll click it if I like it & enter. I just wish there wasn't 5 ways to enter bcuz then when I step away from my Mac, I will leave 5 windows open 'to get to later' to enter. Never happens.

Am I the only one who is click happy? I can easily sit here & look at the clock and see that 2 hrs have passed me by! I don't have the extra time for that! Today though, I did stay in my pjs, relax w/my girls, watched Mr. Ty on Extreme Makeover & shed some tears (how could one not??), ate a new flavor of Ben&Jerry's Everything but the... (I got a wee bit tired of the Coffee Heath Bar Crunch day after day!) this one has a little bit of everything! Try it & let me know what you think!

Why are all the blogs filled w/giveaways? I get that we are all trying to get our shops out there but what happened to the old school way of blogging? Have family, friends & new friends via Twitter & blogs come visit & leave some comment love? I miss it. I still take lotsa of pix & need to post them too ... I was just wondering.

You know what though? It always comes back to me clicking away again! Either here at home, my iPhone or iPad. Apple has been able to complete me. {heehee}

Enjoy clicking away! What's your addiction?


Our Life said...

Hey Julie,
Want to click on something else? Here's a link to my blog delan3.blogspot.com. I have some super cute pictures of Landon at a wedding yesterday. You wont be able to get enough.

Diana Waite said...

I leave windows open for later too--and its my Mac! I agree with the giveaways, I try not to enter unless I really think I can use it! It helps a little!

Tina said...

I am right there with ya Julie! I can't get enough. I love cruising through the blogs. :)

Sarah said...

Okay this I feel like a twisted person but I just can't pass up clicking on a giveaway. I'm seriously a total sucker. I think it's the fact that I've never won before....must win!!
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