October 4, 2010

1st Qtr: School Projects

I don't know about everyone else but here in our house, between the three girls, we have project after project. Never-ending projects. Yes, the money gets spent, the project gets made, then comes the presentation, next we see the grade, the project comes home, sits for months, then unfortunately makes it way to it's final destination: the garbage. (in the past, they've made it into our garage museum, but after a years stay, you cannot see anymore w/the dust & making it's way underneath soccer equipment) Everyone needs a school project museum. I swear. 

The good thing, w/Graciella's planet project, the Science teacher asked to keep it! Whoohoo! I wish all projects could be so lucky. =)

The Science teacher had asked Graciella to make this poster board for the younger kids Science Cottage Fair. (bcuz she has so much extra time! NOT =)

Graciella's Battle of Bunker Hill

Antonia's book 'report': she decided to design a game board. It came out super cute too! {she added more to squares at school! She forgot that part! oops}

In addition to all these *wonderful* projects; all 3 girls also had separate Cottage Fairs after school. These are similar to Science Fairs, Wax Museums, etc. Some classes put on skits too.

Antonia (center) & freinds
*I AM POSH skits*

Not sure if you can see it, but this huge lollipop is sparklie! Yes I'm lovin' it. This is one project she can keep & hang up!

1st graders: Ugly Bug Ball

Aren't these costumes cute? They made them in class! 

These lovelies I made out of Costco brownies! Quick & easy! 48 per box fyi.

Yes we are quite the dorks, complete w/daddy as the bee keeper.

Ms. Block & my Lele

Need ideas for projects? Hope this helped. Need to buy a project? I got some more for you in our garage! ha!

Enjoy your day. xo


Diana Waite said...

my goodness you've been BUSY! You are not dorks! you are all CUTE!

Melina*Alecia said...

Dad's bee keeper came out good, as I pat myself on the back for that idea! And mind you....I was there to pick out the bee wings so it was like I was there! :) and playing dress up at the dollar store was a blasty blast! I miss the girls so much! I will see y'all in a week! :)