August 5, 2010

Up for Election

Who:  Graciella
About:  7th grader, NJHS, Honor Roll
Position:  Secretary

My little one is running for Student Council. Yes, she's growing up & yes, that's hard to swallow. I know it's happening, but way too fast. A few days ago, we made posters & she hung them up at school. Even handed out silly bands w/her info on it. Just seeing all the posters up at school, takes me back. Graciella & her bff are up against each other too. Both agreed that they wouldn't let this get in the way of their friendship. Good to hear bcuz girls at this age are so quick to turn on the other. Another thing I thought about was if her bff or someone else won. She told me her thoughts & added that her teacher had spoke to everyone regarding this issue. I love her teachers this year! They talk to the kids (7th & 8th) straight out. They really don't hold back. Back to this election... Graciella is really excited. She wrote her speech & has the wkend to practice. I hope to video tape it on Monday & hopefully (keep your fingers crossed!) I can post it next week. Carlos bought some cables to convert it, etc. Our camera is not digital & however many yrs old! I have the FlipVideo camera on my Wish List, just a little fyi. =)

Did you notice the contacts? Can't see her pretty eyes w/the sun though!

I thought these came out cute! Super quick & easy to make 88 of 'em too!

**Wish my mama luck!!


Diana Waite said...

GOOD LUCK!! My girl wants to do contacts too---still thinking on it though...

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

What is up with those silly bandz???

They came out adorable, though :)