August 23, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Lele had her bday bash this past Saturday & she had the best time! She had old friends, as well as new friends from class come to celebrate. She also had a surprise guest! It was crazy hectic as always but we all had a good time. Before I forget, thanks Carrie for helping to get things ready! xo

Antonia w/her baby cousin

I love how our cupcakes came out! (My cupcake stand makes it! I think so anyway!)

I Caught this one while Lele's bff was reading her card. Sweet moment... then it was gone that quick!

Funny photo, I know. All the goofy faces but they were in the middle of DANCING! Us moms had our chance too! I'm just glad no one snapped some evidence. heehee

Here's another way we kept the girls busy: sprayed painted pasta & yarn to make necklaces. They came out super cute!

Here are some sweets! I witnessed a little one POURING a Pixie stick ONTO her cupcake! Whoa sugar overload!!

Why stop there?! These little guys are white chocolate covered marshmallows dipped in crushed Oreos & different sprinkles. MORE sugar! We did have a bunch of watermelon, but I skipped that photo op!

This sneaky girl on the right is our oldest! Pretty girl huh!?? She texted thru out the day asking about the party... then the doorbell rings! She came up from Tucson! Leleanna was excited about her surprise guests! {Melina's bf Zach, will be leaving real soon for med school in Dominica!} 

We are were exhausted after everyone left. Does anyone else plan for a 2 hr party & it goes 2.5 hrs over? This is our family to a tee!

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