July 8, 2010

Right Where We Left Off

That's how it was yesterday for myself & my highschool bff! I didn't realize how much I miss her till she had to leave us. Time does fly...this is an understatement in my day to day. But I had the chance to visit w/a very-good-bestest-friend-from-twenty-plus-years-ago & it was so--- needed! She had a layover at Sky Harbor in route to San Fran, so my girls & I picked her up and went to Paradise Bakery. Yum. (except this location, NOT too thrilled about. Everything kept going wrong. Oh yeah, lady behind soup counter: smile & pleasant are two words ya might want to look up asap.) My girls loved Kathy & said she's like you mom! That is why she will always be my BFF! As soon as she got in our car, the loud music & dancing began. Yep, took me right back. (this is a daily thing w/my girls though. haha!) Kath- if I didn't tell you yesterday... it was truly wonderful seeing you again, not to mention you looked great!! I'm truly hoping we can take the girls back east to visit sooner than later.

I love you girl! xo

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Unknown said...

It was great seeing you too!! I love you and the girls. I was amazing and fun and Yes..sooner then later!!