July 11, 2010

Our Family

It all comes back to family, doesn't it? Some of us are blessed w/the most wonderful, supportive family while others are alone in this world w/no family ties, but all the best of friends that make up a wonderful family. Whether it's biological, blood ties, marriage, step this & that... our family is what we make of it in the end. I find this so true again & again. (don't know why I went in that direction w/all that but...) today my little niece is visiting & spending the day w/us. She is such a beautiful little girl, who has been truly blessed. I'll leave the details out, but her Gramma Arlese is a wonderful person & I love her!

As I'm typing away, girls are playing dress up & singing away... so happy they are spending time together. Things are changing I tell ya!

My niece & her beautiful eyes. 


Antonia, Graciella, Dajah & Leleanna (can you believe Dajah & Lele are only 4 mos apart?!)

Dajah & Gramma Gladys

 I won this & choose Dajah's name. Isn't this too cute!? You can have yours made over at  BellaMarieDesigns.

Enjoy your day.

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