June 4, 2010

Hosting Site

I have started a new blog w/own domain name & I'm deciding on a hosting site! I just don't want to pay all the $$ per yr but that's just me. Can't I publish for free?! Not happening, I know. I have many posts w/lotsa pix & news on ALL the burners, in hopes of getting this new computer down & a hosting site asap! Plus time is an issue. What to do... Also, if I publish via x-spot, then I may not be able to carry over my blog of 2 yrs. WTH?! I can simply cut & paste 282 posts. Yuk. Or copy all the post links. Another straight 78 hrs of cut & paste. Really? I tried something else besides WordPress. I have one but still deciding on new, improved. lotsa options, pretty... Hmm. Anyone know a hosting site for next to nada?? Any ideas/suggestions please leave a comment! Thx so much. I need help!

Have a great wkend! Today was officially our first day of summer vacation!

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