March 21, 2010

Spring in Arizona

This means you better break out the 'scun-screen'! (Antonia's name for it!) Seriously! We had a soccer tournament ALL wkend long & yes, it was applied. Even sitting in the shade, you'll get some sun. And I'll be happy to share, I did get rid of my flip-flop tan lines! *almost. Ha! How many of you out-of-staters can say that! I got the sock tan from the soccer games, then the flip-flop followed. Now we can bask in the sun between games or the 45 mins of waiting for game to start to 'get our sun on'!

Yesterday we had 2 games for Graciella. The entire team hung out/ate lunch at Friendship Park in the shade! We played right down the street from Cardinals Stadium. The am game: girls were sleeping. Second game, Graciella scored first goal! They won 3-2. Yay!

First thing at 8am today, girls played. Thought they had a good chance of winning, but w/the grass all wet, there was lotsa slipping & sliding! As a result, Graciella was almost served a yellowcard. (again) She tried to stop & avoid goalie, but slid right into her. She was huge in size & didn't even flinch. haha! I always say "ya gotta fight for it, if you want to win!" or simply, "you have to be in it, to win it". Some girls put all of it out on the field & others don't feel the need. What can ya do?

Antonia left us Sat. after G's 2nd game w/a teammate of hers. Gone till late today! Sleepover, movies, pizza, rollerskating. I missed my mama. =( I bet she was lovin' it though!! G had a teammate spend the nite. Had to be in bed by 930 for the 6am wake up call! They did great today too!

Today, we ran around after game to store, to visit Carrie & her fam, deliver some bday gifts, return dvds & home. May not seem that much, but if I gave you the miles between each of 'em... different story. But, I was happy to do it! =)

There's TONS of laundry to put away & I really want to scrap & sew. The girls have this week off, that'll end w/a surprise! No clues. Sorry. Ya never know who's reading over your shoulder! Catch my drift? I need to catch up w/the pix from field trip & this past week! The plate is OVER flowing! How do you moms do it?! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Until the cat can empty my dishwasher, all enjoy your evening... ???

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Diana Waite said...

**BREATHE** and don't stress the small stuff.... :)