March 11, 2010

Last Week

As in last week-last week & this week is THE last week before a two week break! Yay! We so--- need it. NOT that we'll be resting too much. I'm hoping to slow it down a bit but soccer & other *new* things will keep us plenty busy!

Check out this super cute hat that Chrystal sent my little one! (I met her thru Twitter!) I had just happened to comment on her hat photo & she sent this RAK to us! How sweet was that?! I'm telling you, not everyone you meet on computer or Twitter is CRAZY!

Love the colors too! THX so much Chrystal!

This past Monday nite was Cottage Nite for the Kinder's. Leleanna showed us all around different stations, her work & her writing...

My Skater Girl:

Skin IS better than paper? Isn't it mom?!
Antonia thought so at soccer practice last wk when the ASU girls soccer team came out! The ASU girls practiced w/her team & signed it ALL! Her bag included. =)

Last nite was Antonia's Cottage Nite: Az Connections. It was fun to watch what all the families came up with. All the kids had different reptiles & had to do a 3 min presentation. They had Cash Cab, puppet show, a song about a turtle to the tune of Taylor Swift's You Belong to Me, we did a video of our girls' game show. It came real cute & funny but it's not digital so I cannot upload to blog! I want to, so if anyone knows how to? Please share! Thx! Dad took these pix of girls on the big screen. haha!

Antonia was the host: Welcome to Reptile House!

Two contestants: Rose & she's 20 (L) and Crystal & she's also 20. (R)
The game show was full of questions & you'd be impressed what Ridgenose Rattlesnake facts 'Rose' knew! There was lotsa gift cards that were won, also confetti & balloons for the Grand Prize winner!

Thanks for watching! Tune in next week at the Reptile House! {mmuahhh!}

Also last week, Antonia wanted me to 'sew' a pouch for her NOW! As in before school at 11am. ?? Her teacher told class that they can decorate an envelope (yeah, you know those PLAIN WHITE thingies?!) to hold all their Character Cash. I thought of this cute idea last minute & agreed to make it! It didn't take long though. I told Antonia to pick out any ribbon from these 2 BIG bags full of 'em (that I won from giveaway!), she chose the color of felt, needed a tag for her name & voila'! Whacha think people?! I like it! And I will be making more! I should patent these puppies! Too cute IRL. =)

Another thing I've been dealing w/is my ACHY-BREAKY-BACK!! haha! Those of you who recognize this song means you are as old - or older! - than I & can sing that last part! My mom used to LOVE that man! Now look at him! You can catch him any nite of the week, 100 times/day on the Disney Channel! Seriously? My back is too tight for words, painful & I'm sure w/more than 1,000 knots that are coming together to cause me such awful pain! And in the am, I am going to the Wild Life Zoo w/a bunch of Kinders!

Have a good nite.

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