March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Graciella

Happy Birthday to my mama! She turns 12 today. This I still cannot believe! She is growing up too fast! Aren't they all? With TIME having NO kinda breaks, this makes me a little sad. I'm happy for her bcuz she is a smart, pretty girl that loves to play soccer ALL the time, has GREAT grades, has plenty of friends & she's healthy... I'm sad bcuz time flies by too quick. I feel we don't have time to just sit, talk & do nothing. We have to talk on the way here or there. We have little chats when she's going to bed, but not an hour long chat-about-it-all. She is very open w/me, this I am thankful for. =) I know some girls her age do not tell mom & dad NOTHING! Gramma, Carrie & her fam came over to celebrate too. Thx mi familia! Oh yeah, and her big sister got in on the action & sang HB w/us on phone from Tucson! xo

My lil girl is now a pretty 12 y/o! Graciella, I love you! xoxo

Min - this pic is for you! =)

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