February 13, 2010

ER Love & Other Things

Wow! It's almost Valentine's Day already! I will share a photo of what my husband & I bought  eachother manana! You'll love it!

Friday was a heart-filled day! It was more like OVERload! 48 Valentine's, 3 teacher's gifts, baking & frosting cupcakes, friend's Valentines, office/nurse/principal/janitor/kinder gal/teacher's helper... my girls thought of them all! This was a fun day for them. It was like a pink & red Halloween! The people that my girls hand delivered special little treats too, the look on their face when this small person handed it to them. I loved seeing this & when they all got a hug in return. Too cute. So happy my girls thought of all the people that help in school, that might have not received as many, if any.. Valentines from those students they take care of each day! Oh happy day!

Okay, I haven't posted but I have meant too. SO much has been going on. (I wish this was connected w/Twitter!) Where do I begin? ER visit in Jan, while in Tucson for girls' soccer tournament. Vertigo? Migranes? Leleanna was a brave little one in hotel room while EMT's arrived. Our oldest Melina & bff, Zach were there for me! Thx so much you two! I don't know what I would of done w/out both of you! Carlos showed up just in time before they took me away. What a wkend!

On another note: I have so many pix to share, I seriously don't know where to start!
This past week was spirit week at school!

Leleanna (top) & Graciella (below) w/hair full o' knobies for Crazy Hair Day! (that's what we call them!)

  **Antonia never made it to school that day bcuz she was finishing her final draft of her book! Yes, it was that important & it took her a few days to finish. This book is going to the printers and will become a hardbound book. You WILL see it when it's published! =)... that day was a crazy one. The lesson I learned was to NEVER drive the kids to school in pajamas!! It was Weds & raining on/off. I dropped Graciella off at her bldg first, parked & turned off bus (aka Suburban). Lele read to me for a few mins then I went start the truck & drive to bldg 1 & drop her off. Except THIS time it didn't start all the way. Nice. I searched my purse for my sunglasses (yes, even w/the clouds! I wanted to be incognito folks!), SCORE! Slipped those puppies on & we were on our way! I had to walk her to the other side of school down the walkway. Lucky for me, I saw a good friend & she took her the rest of the way! Yay! Not so fast WonderWoman. I began to walk back to truck & this tall, dressed for success, former pro-baseball player, father of a boy in Lele's class was walking next to me. Ahh--! So I did what any mom in her pjs would do! (At least, I grabbed sweats to wear w/nitegown & flip flops!) I asked for his help! He was nice enough to help me & Miss Shanna too w/her screwdriver. But no luck. Finally got thru to Carlos & he came w/Antonia (who was to supposed to be home laboring away on her book). We stayed there another 30 mins, left the truck there & went home. This is how my life is. Unexpected happenings. Everyday. Welcome to My World people. =)

**We got the truck back today. It ended up being the fuel pump... inside the gas tank. Nice.

Antonia did make it to school for crazy hat day... it was on Monday! haha
*Antonia, Graciella & Leleanna*

Let's see... my head is definitely feeling better. Thank God! I think it's from stress & not drinking enough throughout the day.{this reminds me - today I know I didn't drink enough! Shh.} I had been to an ENT dr just recently and let me tell you: she was real nice & very thorough! If you're local? I will give you her number! I've been to many drs over the years & never has even one asked me some the questions she did! I had blood work that same day (still waiting for results) & she said I may need a ct scan of my throat & head. I'll be calling her office Tues am. ** did I even say WHY my head was hurting? On a Monday nite, I fell asleep on couch. Woke up about 1030, got up to walk to kitchen & fell to the right entire time. I had to grab onto wall & counter. THIS scared me. I was starving so I got a snack & went back to sit on couch. I took one bite & couldn't do it. I laid down & called the husband. He came back home real quick, took me in the room to bed. Even lying down, the room was spinning & I felt so nauceous. That's when my never-fail-me-Zofran came into play. Carlos gave me one & I did still feel absolutely horrible but didn't vomit! (this is my biggest hate-for-this-to-happen-bcuz-it-puts-me-in-ER-EVERY-time deal!) I finally fell asleep & it took me almost 3 days to recover from it. All I could do was lie down to feel better. Next, it happened again twice in Tucson. Except falling to the right. Not fun.

All that said... I love to blog. Have so much going on in my head, I'm thinking *this* is my therapy. Yep. I'll buy that Alex. ha! Another thing I have noticed: any blog I have gone to, there's a giveaway. Sometimes TOO many. Now there's even blogs that have a giveaway EVERY day! Yes, I do admit I AM addicted to entering ALL of those I do come across or see from my Twitter friends. =) And guess what? I win too! heehee What I really need to do is put myself on a schedule. How do these women do it? Wake up w/coffee & emails. Kids off to school & get to sewing. My day does not work like this. Maybe the girls' school sched has something to do w/it? For the new school year, times will change & I'm hoping to have more time to do things on mommy's list! I just thought of another thing that takes lots of time! Adding frames to pix! I have decided to skip that step & just edit for a little while...this way, I can finish posts that same day! (looks like I gave into the frames!)

It's ALL about soccer still at our house. Graciella has been super busy w/soccer literally all week & games galore but here's a quick pic I caught w/Coach David & my girls on Friday nite. (If you're ever in the market looking for a great coach... he's your guy =)

This is getting too long for me at the moment. I want to change, get comfy, eat & get dinner ready w/hubby when he walks in the door w/Graciella. He's going to BBQ! Yum. Now, if they would just get home!...
**I was going to wrap this up hrs ago, but I wanted to add some pix! Oh yeah! Daddy did BBQ a yummy dinner & we all ate as we watched the Olympics! I feel a cold coming on. Not fun.  xo

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