January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday

to me! Yep, today is almost over & I figured I will write a post about moi'! (at the moment, my head is hurting, but that will be in another post!) I took a picture of this card from....get ready for this, please don't fall off your chair and please pick your jaw up off the floor right after... 1973. I love this card!

Cute, vintage, pink, huge... I will def use this for some craft/print in the future! But this bday card was given to me from a friend & her family WAY--- back when. I keep saying this but I'd rather tell my weight than my age. haha! I won't lie about it though & say I'm 39 for twenty plus years like my mom! She can be knocked out in the ER & still say she's 39! ha!

My bday started lastnite w/many thx to my very best friend, Jeannie & her hubby Bill. She came over w/this:

And told me I needed to *promise* not to cry & wait till she left! Oh yeah and follow instructions!

Well, I did. I read the first line of my card & lost it. Opened up the 2nd envelope & cried some more. Opened this up:

**there's a reason behind why she chose this for me!**

And cried even MORE! (are you seeing the pattern here?!) Then she is texting me, while I'm balling my eyes out & I'm trying to text her back! I hope it all made sense! Soon after her hubby comes over w/a VENTI Starbucks Frapp for me. YUM! Then soon after he leaves she comes over for some girl talk! I loved it! I truly appreciate ALL of it Jeannie & Bill! Did I mention they ALSO gave me a gift card for dinner, w/a reservation Sat at 6pm AND they are going to take care of our 3 girls!? Who's jeal---ous? heehee. They are truly awesome & have been there for us for years! I love you! xo

My girls continued to celebrate mommy by giving me homemade cards, gifts (bracelets, rings & wallet) and even some cash! I was instructed to buy myself a Starbucks Frapp & a little snack! My girls SO know me! They told me that each of them put $ towards my Starbucks fund. How thoughtful huh?! I love you Graciella, Antonia & Leleanna! xoxo

Today, after the girls were off to school... Carlos & I had lunch at Paradise Bakery. I love that place! YUM-MEE!! We went to a car dealership afterwards & this guy who drove the golf cart made my head hurt. It pretty much got worse from there. Thx dude. Costco run, p/u girls, I went one way w/Graciella & Lele to soccer practice & Carlos the other way w/Antonia for RE class... the fun never ends.

I'm getting behind on my posts too! That alone, makes me upset. I love posting pix & updating this thing! Have NO fear, Underdog is here! haha. Okay, those of you who were around & actually watched that cartoon the first time around & not reruns ... I'm right there w/you. Time FLIES by!

I'm thankful for my new friends, Twitter friends, old friends and my familia. I love you!
Have a good nite.


Amy Priddy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Diana Waite said...

Happy Birthday!!! And 1973 isn't that long ago! it just happens to be the year I was born (on Tuesday!!) So glad it was a GREAT one for you--sorry to hear you had a headache though.. Take care!