January 21, 2010

Got Sushi?

After not feeling well for the past few days and NOT checking my email... I opened my laptop this am, 227 emails later, saw this half way through!

I'm a WINNER! {doing the happy dance!}

Courtesy of Jessi of Sweetie Pie Bakery. Isn't this the most cutest thing?! I love her shop! I want one of each to go! This set below is thee prize:

(minus the cute lil table & plant)

Don't you just LOVE this?!
Happy rainy day! (third day of rain for us in AZ!)
Our Mesquite tree is coming up! Boo. I like our tree, we've had it since a wee little thing. I used it in many pix of our girls right in front of our house! The ground is THAT soaked from just actually 2.5 days of rain & these strong winds!


Diana Waite said...

I'm so glad you had something happy happen! Go check out my blog, I've had some exciting things happen too! :)--you being my scrappy friend will TOTALLY appreciate it!

Sheree said...

that is too stinkin' cute!

Leslie said...

Don't you just love winning blog giveaways?! That is so cute. Congrats on your win!

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