December 30, 2009

Yo-Yo Embellished

Just listed these lastnite. I like how they came out! Super cute IRL! I gave some of these pretties for Xmas gifts! Anyone you know that could use one? They're different from ALL the rest you see on Etsy too! And I haven't seen ANY out there like these! Just that tiny detail of the yo-yo w/the button makes a statement! EXCLUSIVE I tell ya! (I'm just wondering HOW long it'll take before I see my idea being sold from other shops! Just saying.) Well, it's not like it's patented or nothing. But it would be nice to give credit where it's due. HA! AM I making a big deal? Well, I've just seen it done before w/a simple little ruffle that was set apart from the rest. And then BAM! Someone took that idea & ran w/it. Totally claiming it as their own. Not nice. Anyway, check 'em out & I will be adding more very soon!

Check out 'em out HERE!

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Tessa Ann* said...

Hi Julie,
I first have to say.....I am so sorry for your loss during the holiday season too. Grandparents are so loved and it's so hard to lose them.

I adore your yoyo creations! They are so original and ADORABLE!! I want one of those leashes for my duffy ;) He'd be strutting his stuff with his cool new leash ;)

Thanks for your comments! Have a nice afternoon.

Tessa Ann