December 15, 2009

Sweet Blessings

I like how that sounds! I had just checked my email from yesterday & today. Third email into 79, I found out I WON 3 lbs of ribbon from HERE! What would YOU do w/that much ribbon!? I love Ashley's projects! Take a seat & check out her awesome blog! ... I also won a Shey [B] camera strap cover from HERE! Go me! =)  Thx ladies!

Monday, Lele went to school. Graciella & Antonia stayed home. Both were complaining about their tummys. By the end of the day, both were feeling better & we all went to Lele's Cottage Nite at school. It was about different Traditions. It was cute. Lele missed all of them I think, except Germany. She's been out of school bcuz of this whole BM deal. But I did explain to her how the Menorah works & that was her favorite! She said bcuz you get a gift each day!

When you think all is going well... Antonia woke up at 2am, complaining about her tummy hurting real bad. Her & I set up camp in the bathroom, her leaning on me w/a blanket & me rubbing her belly. These loud gurgling sounds were coming from her tiny self! Finally, it worked it's way up & out! Yuk. I know. When it was over, she chuckled & said I feel better now! Ha! My girl's a trooper! Her AND Lele. So back to bed we went & all three girls were in MY bed!

This am, the pedia called about Lele. Last resort is a trip to the hospital for the day. 24 hrs to be exact. Tube up nose down to stomach, IV in her tiny arm & so on. I think I'll pass. Dr said keep 10am appt w/pedia GI dr. Off we went. She confirmed what I already knew. Leleanna is packed w/poop! But she was super nice. Yay! Another 'Sweet Blessing'. I love when this happens w/Drs! She gave me a new regimen that was sure to work. Wow. More stool softeners, Miralax, suppositories & fun. We just have to wait for the magic to happen. heehee. Lele, like I mentioned before...a Storm Trooper! She's only 5 but she's a big girl, but yet so-- tiny still. Afterwards, we ate at Chompies. YUM! It was either that, Starbucks or MickeyD's. Blah to the third! Starbucks - not a real lunch. However, for myself: could've been! Me & Lele dined by the bakery & drooled as we ate. haha! Made a few trips to the potty & back for more 'drooling' over the goodies! We did finally pick some & ate 'em up!

That lil number was a Caramel Melt-away. YUM! All caramel inside baby!

OMG. Almost forgot! This older woman came w/in an inch of slamming into my car in the Chompie's parking lot! (Magnum people NOT the Suburban!) *Sweet Blessing* Slammed on the breaks, all fell fwd on floor. Lele said she got scared. I couldn't believe it! She didn't even look, she just went on her merry way (even after I honked at her!) We turned onto the road, made a left on Shea Blvd, stopped at the red lite. Low & behold, the old woman drives straight thru the RED lite. Nice. Best of luck to you for the rest of the day lady.

Then it was off to get some bloodwork done! The girl called her name, we walked back & the girl asked for some help. I was asking myself for what? I figured she thought Lele would go crazy on her. I reassured her right away, you won't need it! She's a brave one. The woman told us she was going to observe then! Man, was she surprised! A guy even came in to see what the fuss was all about! My mama was COOL as a cucumber! ha! She was so tiny they said to be so brave. They have grown big burly men come in, shaking so bad when they see the needle. That's my mama. =)

With list in hand, a few calls made on freeway, we were off to buy things on our list & hurry off to p/u Graciella from school. Does the day ever end?! Nope not for me. How about in YOUR world?! Nice guy at Walgreens helped us out w/two items. *Sweet Blessing* Yes! Score! Now I could skip my trip in traffic to Sprouts! That probiotic stuff was pricey though. I'd like to give all three girls this stuff every day! But at $26 for 10 days? Hmm. Anyone know of an item that is the same, but a bit cheaper?

Got home, yet on another phone call & walked in the house w/a headache bcuz of it. {shaking head} Put everything away & got Lele started on her new meds. They worked magic real fast too! Now, my mama is asleep. *Sweet Blessing*

I want to give a shout out to Melanie, one of the mom's on Antonia's soccer team! THX SO MUCH! I truly wish there were more people like her kind-self in this world! All is beyond hectic & crazy w/us & she offered to take care of the Xmas party. I just hope more than the few RSVP. The girls will have fun. I'm hoping Antonia is feeling by then too.

Miss Shealynn, know that I'm just a phone call away! It's funny how life works, how one meets the next. I'll leave the details out, but follow your heart & not others and this will lead you to greater things. 'Nuff said.

Check out my baby's profile! I love it! Anyone know how to *CREATE* those oh-so-nice black profile pix? Then I can mat it? I know it's probably easy. Just don't know how to yet! I tried to play w/diff options in PSE but nothing gave me that type of result!

My beautiful girl.
Another... *Sweet Blessing*

Have a good nite all. xo

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Lydia said...

what a wonderful mannorrah, so playful, and how brave of your little one to watch, I can't even look at my sons ouchies with out a fight