October 16, 2009

Yet Another

Did anyone see The Blair Witch Project back in the day?

Well, the nite I saw it w/friends we were afraid when we left the theater. Later to find out, it was ALL fake. We've heard THIS movie is also fake but one I may have to pass on bcuz word is? This one is worse. Scarier. Uh yeah. Pass.  Paranormal Activity. Does anyone besides myself, believe in this stuff?! I will never be able to get to sleep! Did you hear that it only cost $11 Grand (or 15K, something like that!) to make? Now, WHY didn't I think of this!?

Let me know if any of you actually go to see this! I want a review, if you will. =) I'll let you be afraid, rather than ME!! Ha! Carlos does want to see this though. Ugh. Not happening.

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