October 15, 2009

Got New Moon?

Did anyone get movie tickets yet? Thx for the heads up from Shealynn! I bought mine lastnite! Whoohoo! Yes, it's the 1220am showing, but I WILL see it!

Get the picture?! =)

Today was the longest playdate in history! =) We met up w/a friend in Lele's Kinder class at 11am & left the park at 330pm! Three girls, 2 boys, plus 6 or 7 siblings made the day fun! Us moms sat in the shade & talked, talked, talked. Miss Brasilia was so nice to bring snacks & a pitcher of lemonade for everyone! Had I known?? Next time I call a potluck park-date! Thx to Shanna for my Starbucks! YUM! I did honestly have a blast laughing my *** off w/adults! for once! hee hee

Lele, Isabella & Lisa

We were starving once we left & hit McDonalds before we got  home. And yeah, my stomach is paying for it now! Eww. I wonder how the girls are feeling running around at soccer practice. ??? Oops!

Next stop, post office. Trying to figure out these shipping charges. And now? Back home w/a million things to do. Did you ever hear or even believe certain people come into our lives for a reason? So true.

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chefamily said...

yep! I got my tickets! Some of the shows are starting to sell out here in Seattle! i am super excited!
We should have a twitter discussion the next day!