September 9, 2009

Lots to do

I should call this blog "Neverending" how does that sound? I came up w/Welcome to My World bcuz anytime I would be talking to someone & after listening to ALL they said... my response is WELCOME TO MY WORLD!! I know exactly whacha mean! =)

Yesterday, Lele had a dentist appt first thing in the am. She had to be sedated before. Daddy took her w/no sleep straight after work! I love that man! Lele did great, but didn't leave w/a slinky as a prize! She was really looking fwd to getting one! ha! She had to skip school for the day. She slept on & off. This gave me some time {in between all the mommy can I have, mommy can you, mommy sit w/me...} to get some sewing done!

I'm really looking fwd to adding to my pile of _______ to __________________________!!! Can't quite let the cat out of the bag yet! =) Hope you stayed tuned in the NEAR future for the announcement!

I have to thank my bff Jeannie for taking the girls to practice last nite! Leleanna slept for a while, her little body needed it! It was too hot out there for her w/those meds still in her system too. But it also gave me a chance to finish up on a project! THX Jeannie! xo

Did anyone local here all that racket late last nite!? Our 11 yr old did! She wouldn't go to bed! She made me lite the candles & finally she went to bed w/her sister! =) We tell the girls that instead of having separate rooms, they can ALL sleep in a big bed & have the rest of the stuff in the other bedroom! That'll solve it all! No more kiddos in mommy & daddy's bed! Whoohoo! Someday...

I swear I can sit on the laptop ALL day & enter the endless giveaways! At this point, I just close the page if I come across one! (except those that are rea----lly good!) I'm hungry & I need to get going!
Have a great day everyone! xo

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Unknown said...

"I'm every woman!! It's all in meeee eeeeee yeeeeee" (boom boom boom...snap!...snap!! boom boom boom...snap snap snap! drum drum drum....dun dun dun) I'm every woman, it's all in me! Anything you want done baby, I do it naturally!!"
(listening to this right now to keep me up. I am so dead ass tired! Going to the medical library in 15 minutes when parking is free and staying there until midnight. BLAH!