September 28, 2009


It was ALL about soccer this past wkend. I followed our team mgr up w/Graciella. We actually made great time too! NO traffic! I love my Iphone Maps! Whew! It came in handy when Kathi got lost finding the hotel! =) I missed Carlos & the girls though that nite. I woke up so many times too!

'GOTH-UNDER' haha! Way to go Sam!

We made good time! Just when it was getting dark!

Graciella, Amree, Sam & Taylor

We woke up & had to be downstairs eating breakfast at 6am & it was chilly. But gorgeous! We had left for the fields that were 3 mins away, unpacked chairs, drinks, the time the game started the sun was in full bloom, shining down & everyone was shedding their layers! Did I mention NAU's fields are TURF?!

First game (8am Sat): 1-0 AZSC lost. Our girls dominated the entire game! Just one lucky ball just rolled in slow motion in the goal. It seemed it wasn't even a direct kick either! Just left the crowd of girls & snuck in! =(

Second game (6pm Sat): 1-1 Our girls tied. They played it w/their ALL! 150% & all heart from each one of them! Again we dominated. They scored & our girls scored at the end of the game. They all walked off in tears. This was a first. This game meant THAT much to them. They knew they deserved to win. I went around, gave big hugs & told the girls we are so proud of them! They truly pulled it out that nite!

LyAnna working those girls!

L to R: Olivia (awesome defender!), Graciella & Amree

Third game (145pm Sun): 1-1 Girls tied again. Field ref was absolutely HORRIBLE at his Sunday job. No kidding. He called it all on AZSC. This other team fell countless times & even one girl had to be carried off the field. Graciella was HIT 3 times. Never a call. Hmm... Huge hits I'm talking. The other team scored by PK on a ridiculous call. None of our girls touched this girl! This led us in half time. The girls had less than 7 mins left to play & w/3 touches scored the most perfect goal. Us parents went nuts! The girls made an honest goal, unlike the opponent. This guy made me so mad, I even threw my cowbell at him the ground! Oops!

LyAnna & Graciella's Sunday do's! =)
Compliments of Ana! Thx!!

L to R back row: Coach Mick & Coach Beny
L to R middle: Amree, Sam, Brenna, Paula, LyAnna, Morgan, Taylor
L to R bottom: Mekenna, Allie, Graciella, Bella, Vanessa
Missing: Olivia & Brianna


Sat during the day, we made a stop at Starbucks & met this girl that wrote this book. Interesting. Real nice girl w/some story! She lives & is from Flagstaff too. After talking w/her & her leaving, she came back a little while after & handed me her book. I wanted to buy it but she wouldn't allow me to! She did the same w/Ana first. I love to read so I grabbed her copy & started asking questions! =)


Bella, LyAnna, Taylor & Graciella

It was a gorgeous day! Cooler weather (compared to home!) & the girls didn't let that stop them! They all went swimming & had a blast! It was about 81 or so. Carlos & the girls drove up w/Coach Mark & his daughter. It was great to hang out w/all the girls & parents. The only time we talk is on the sidelines, so real conversations were had over our pizza party, if you will =) Sat. nite. Lunch Sat afternoon at Buffalo Wild Wings. Wendy's before the drive back home. Even during the long break Sat, a few of us just chatted the day away going from one room to the other, doors all open, girls running all over, sitting by the pool. My family so needed this break away from it all. Myself & another mom, Ana (who is a hair - Nazi like me!!) decorated our trucks w/paints for the game. NOTE: before you write in paint, double check your daughter's jersey no.!! LOL. Yep, she wrote the wrong one. We fixed it though before game time! =)

LyAnna, Taylor, Graciella & Bella

I love this pic! =)

Antonia w/her dead man fall!

I have to say, Graciella did hustle her butt off the entire wkend. My mama wasn't up to par either. She has had this 'sick feeling' most days for the past 2-3 wks. No flu. Bloodwork came back fine. No temps. No aches & pains. Just her tummy & some pelvic pains. Yep, thought that time had arrived for her being 11.5 now. But not yet. Dr thought maybe she has a virus & the pains are due to that. Hmm... still waiting on results from another FUN test! not.

We were packed FULL to the brim! You would of thought we packed for a wk's vacation! It was only Fri nite thru Sun =) That's what you get w/4 females & dad =)

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