May 8, 2009


Wow. I always say time does fly by TOO quick! Yesterday was the third anniversary for my sister, Gladita. She passed away on May 7, 2006. My mom, Lele, Antonia & I met Carrie, Rob & Gia at the cemetery... accompanied by our umbrellas! It was so hot out. It's crazy how it crept up one day & HEAT! Just standing out there, covered by shade - we were seeing the beads of sweat form. No breeze at all. We were arranging the flowers & we heard these gun shots. The girls looked at me & had this look on their faces. Mom - what was that? It was a gun salute for a funeral just on the next pathway. Anyway - we did take some pix, said our prayers & said a few things to Titi. We got back in the a/c 'd car for a short 20 sec ride to see Grampa. Same thing, but for my dad.. he passed in 2000. Hard to believe.

Carrie, Rob & Giavanna


We miss you Gladita. xoxo

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