May 1, 2009

Desert Belle

I had taken the girls to Saguaro Lake last wkend as a surprise. We've never been on this ferry & I knew the girls would love it! Leleanna was afraid & crying for the first half of the 90 min ride. Fun! But in the end, they had thier digital camera & took lots of pix. I had mine & took lots too! It was beautiful w/gorgeous weather & the lake was pretty quiet. Every now & then, a boat would pass pulling someone on a tube or skiis. Or a boat would fly past us pretty close & we would get wet - as long as the girls liked it!

We saw this little guy soon after we got out of the car. He came right up to us!

Four Peaks

Black Bear Mtn: can you see the rocks on top? They look like the head of a bear!

Heading down lake

Our Captain =)

A rare cactus!

I thought this plane was cool!

Ship Wreck Rock

Me & Leleanna (I don't wear my hair THIS high! It was the wind! I swear!)

Not-so-nice-cacti! (look closely people!)

Not quite sure what was said, but I like this one! This is soon after she was done crying!

Lele, Antonia & Graciella


Talk about the 'wind blown' look! =)



Graciella (look at those longs legs!)

I think this is my new fave pic of these two!

Lele & Graciella

The ones responsible for mommy's gray hair! =) Another Fave!

Afterwards, us girls ate at the Lakeshore Restaurant that overlooks the lake. I just wish Carlos didn't have to work that day! In the end, despite Lele's crying for the first half of the trip... the girls loved it! =)


Diana Waite said...

looks and sounds like a lot of fun! I had no idea there was a ferry! The pictures are great too!

Anne said...

Hi, Julie! That last shot is definitely a keeper! I'd say get that one enlarged and put it up in the house in a pretty frame! :-)