April 8, 2009

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

But I didn't! Oh well. Take before & after pix, that is! I spent the entire day yesterday doing yard work in the front & back! Lele helped me decorate for Easter in the front, then we moved the party to the back! I had a vision & I was going to see it through! I did take a picture of Antonia w/her eye that could of been POKED out! The school nurse called us to let us know & that her eye is okay. She got home & told me the story that she was simply rubbing the inside of her eye, by her nose & slipped & scratched her eye! Looks worse than it is the eye dr said. She did nick the cornea & was sent home w/drops. Had me scared! Graciella picked up her new frames w/the new stronger scrip at the same time! Need to get a pic of her! They left right away to go to soccer of course! =)

Don't we always say "you can poke your eye out like that!" Ouch!

I love this one of Graciella w/her new do & glasses. She looks older to me than her 11 years.

Today was a BUSY day! I had to wake up the girls first thing this am w/Antonia. As soon as Antonia left, we had to leave & head to our tax appt. Afterwards, Graciella went to school, Lele to preK & home. Carlos took a nap for tonite (he has to stay up till 6am for work!) & I ordered these two beauties from Scrapbook.com!

My new Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper & scallop punch. It's the little things...

I had gone to Devine Memories to get my grad book together for next Sat's class. Well, I had to leave & go back twice w/Lele, pick up girls from school, drop neighbor girls off, back to store...p/u Graciella & back to store. Only to leave again & head over to Scrapbook.com (it's local for me!) & pick up the above mentioned! Had to stop at the grocery store on way home w/girls & now we're home! Dinner is cooking, girls are doing dishwasher & I'm trying to keep up w/this blog!

I wish I could have like 3 days straight to do nothing & catch up w/my shows recorded on the DVR! Not gonna happen any time soon! But the yard looks better now! ha!

These pix were taken Monday real quick actually! I told the girls they looked super cute & if mommy could take some pix real quick! I love how they turned out!

Lele & her leg pose is the latest! =)

She HAS to be up to something!

My pretty girl, Antonia w/her new do!

Love this one too! Lele has a new do too!

I love this one!

I love this one too!

Check out Lele's posing skills!

I'm telling you, I just said pose & say cheese! All of this took less than 5 mins! I love how they all came out!



Anne said...

Hi, Julie! Lele looks like she's trying out for the next season of America's Next Top Model! She is Fierce! :-)

Diana Waite said...

BEAUTIFUL girls!! Sorry to hear about Antonia! That IS scarey, hope it heals up quick!!