April 24, 2009


Why is Lele (she's 4) walking around singing 'Supah-Sonic!' ?? She told me 'I sound just like her!' Which one, Salt or Pepa?? ha! I'm getting sucked into this laptop AGAIN! I love looking at these scrap blogs, manuf blogs & entering giveaways, but then I click on this link to a DT member's blog, etc. I need to get some stuff done! AHH!!

Does anyone have any tips, DO'S OR DON'TS for starting an account w/Etsy? Carlos & I have had this on the back burner too long! I told him 'let's just do it!'

Graciella has been to the pedia. hand & wrist specialist dr this wk. She's been complaining of her wrist hurting for the past month! She did have an xray last month & dr visit. She had jammed her thumb real bad. All turned out well. Now, she has to wear a brace & go back in a few wks. Dr said she can have possible ligament damage. She had some inflammation. ?? Not that I can see on the inside!

Antonia has been to the pedia. too this wk. Last wk, she went bcuz she had this 'mysterious' lump on her hip. She was crying over it bcuz it hurt so bad. Well, it still hurts on & off, & the lump went away. Dr said today she thinks it was a knot in the muscle. Nice huh!? She's only 7.

I had gone to the dr's this week. Diabetes dr. First thing the nurse asks? Do you compete? No. The questions that usually follow are do you lift weights? Work out everyday? Run? You have to. I don't believe you. Ha! I really don't. People ask me all the time. Carlos says I should just say yes. I am so-- out of shape, it's sad.

My metabolism is SUPER fast. I feel like I'm a hog! I can eat! I sometimes get full quick but I can polish off a huge hamburger w/everything on it & some yummy fries w/Ranch... Gone. I'm full for a minute. Then 30 mins later? I'm hungry again! Crazy I know. But that's how it works for me. I want to get in shape & make my tummy flat as a board. And be able to run a few yards & not feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest! Perhaps, before the summer! Doesn't leave me much time!

Back to the Diab Dr... I feel like my sugar is always high! Bcuz I eat then I'm hungry again. The only way it'll be low or normal, is if I'm busy ALL day like working out in the yard or just running errands ALL day. That's not good though. I know this! Just eating a salad for lunch, doesn't work for me either! Again... bcuz I'm hungry soon after!

Here's what I have to do everyday. I wear my purple pump & I love this thing! Bcuz I've had it for 3 yrs now & haven't had low blood sugar since! Before it would drop so low, so quick & leave me in a sweat from head to toe. That quick in secs! I would end up in the ER & you can guess the rest! So many meds, I hate taking any more for like headaches, pain or colds, etc. My little organizer makes me feel real old! hee-hee. I cannot open all these meds each morning, so this makes it easier! I just have to figure out what to do w/the pill I have to take in the afternoon! I still have two meds missing from this picture! Fun huh?

I'm thinking the people who know me, didn't realize all this. This is a part of me. My everyday. It's personal I know. But my pump? My life depends on this. My girls know this. Even Lele will ask. Before the pump, I had to take 3 shots a day for 17 yrs. Wow. That's a long time! The great thing about my diabetes, is that it's NOT hereditary! My girls don't have it. No one in my family has it either. It's rare & basically anything that goes on w/me... is rare, not normal. Fun I know. =) My pump is so much a part of me, that a number of times I forget it's on my hip & I would jump into the pool w/it on! Oops.

Well, I really need to get moving NOW off this thing!

One more thing!...

If you could click on this link: VOTE FOR LELE

& place your vote/rate/leave a comment for this photo. PLEASE? The more votes/positive ratings she can get... THE BETTER! It's for the 2010 May/June cover of ScrapbooksEtc Magazine.

Thx! xo

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Anne said...

Hi, Julie! Isn't that the way it goes sometimes? EVERYONE in the house to the doctor. Sometimes even the cats to the vet, too. All at the same time. Have a great weekend! :-)