March 12, 2009

FLyiNg bY~

What can't time go a tiny bit slower! This week flew by! Today was a SUPER long day & it's NOT over! First things first. Graciella hurt her right thumb at school. Triston keeps calling her & txting her to say how sorry he is. He was playing a game w/her w/a basketball. It wasn't even his fault at all. He cares... hee-hee. Well, she was crying over how much it DID hurt. Carlos took her to the dr, this way they can order an xray. She went right after that appt & today we got the results. Negative! Whoo-hoo! The dr said for the swelling, bruising & where it hurt - she could have broken her growth plate. Thank God she didn't! She has to wear her brace for another week.

I met Nancy to make her 'For the Love of" book but she was too busy & I got there too late! Ugh! There's 2 kits left for anyone who wants to purchase one!

I know this one is blurry, I just wanted to show a peek of the inside! You can scroll down to see the cover shot!

I took pix of Carrie & Rob a week or two ago now & I haven't had a chance to post them! I just wanted to post my fave one, complete w/a frame. FINALLY, I learned how to do this! THX to Michelle! I owe you one ma'am! I still want to mess w/the pic to make it black & white and color just the flower. Maybe this Sunday between games!

I always wanted to take pix like this one!

Carrie's due date was yesterday, however... I got a phone call at 330am! Carlos wasn't home, I almost forgot! I woke up the girls, got them dressed & off we went to p/u Carrie & Rob. Took them to the hospital & waited. After all was done, she was in a room being monitored & Carlos came after work at 6am to get girls to take them home. Graciella still had to go to school today! I stayed a little while longer & headed home. Got home about 9ish & jumped in the shower, then woke up Graciella to get ready for school. The younger two were still asleep. =) I still had to proof read her 4 pg paper for school! Yikes! Did that & we were on our way! Picked up Gramma on way back to house, woke up girls, got them ready & off to the hospital. Now, we were starving bcuz it was lunch time! Hit the drive thru at Mickey D's & off again! Got the freeway & ate our lunch. Got to the hospital dropped Gramma off at the entrance & drove around till we found a spot far-- away! Oh yeah, I had the girls pack a bag each of things to do while we waited for baby Gia to arrive! Carrie was in her room relaxing, as Rob was layed out on the couch in her room. It was more like a comfy bench! He did get some sleep though! So we played the waiting game all day. Thank you Grace for taking Graciella to soccer & for the ride to Jeannie's! Thx Bill for letting her stay till we got home!

So here I am trying to hurry up & write this bcuz Rob should be txting me soon enough w/an update! I will then head back to the hostibal (as Lele's says!) & hope that my great-niece comes today!! She doesn't have that many hours left in the day!!

Sorry Sandy I didn't make it to the store this pm! There's my story! Me going to bed real late didn't help this day any! Ha! Gotta run folks & get Lele in the bath!

Hope to have good news soon about Carrie & her baby girl!! xo

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