February 8, 2009

Sweetheart Workshop & a tad bit more

It's real late (as in 145am!) but just a quick post on this scrap-filled day! The workshop today went smooth! Ha! I thought I'd be sweating bullets & nervous as can be for my very first class... nope! So glad. I was a tiny bit nervous though! Never let 'em see ya sweat!

Had to drop off Graciella & Amy before 9am for the first class. Then off to Snedigar for Antonia's soccer game! She scored their ONLY goal! Go mama! It must of been her yellow socks (that daddy bought to match her shirt)!! Back to scrap store in time to take girls to lunch w/Mary & Haley. Brought lunch back to store, ate & looked for papers for a project. Choose Basic Grey's new line (will show at a later date!) I love the colors! Then it was time for my class! It all went good, even with the glue gun! After the last class, I took the girls home to collect more scrap stuff & back to the store for the crop & some dinner! The girls were loving it! They made a bunch of stuff & I worked on my Project 365!

Amy & Graciella

Yesterday, the boys - Harley & Hugo went for an afternoon visit to Sharon's. Lucky for us, she's about a 30 second car ride & lucky for our puppies - she's a great groomer! The boys love it over at her house! They leave smelling like a bouquet of flowers & it'll last for weeks! Not like PetsMart & the good smell is gone in a few days! Sorry PetsMart fans!

Sharon & Hugo

(Sorry for blurry pic! Need to take another one soon!)

These were some pix from last Sunday after mass, just walking back to our car! (I took these w/my iphone)

Daddy & Lele

Graciella & Antonia

Antonia & Graciella

Carlos & our girls

I love how these came out! Super cute & no complaints! Makes for a great day! =)


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Anne said...

Hi, Julie! Goodness all around! Congratulations on your class going well! Sounds like you and the girls had a lot of fun being crafty. And the doggies had a nice day "at the spa", too. What's not to love?!! :-)