January 24, 2009

Good Morning AZ

Well, not so fast. I just have to share this story I came across a few days ago. I didn't have time to post. It's a sad, heartbreaking story about a young woman, Mariana Bridi da Costa. A model from Brazil. She went into the ER on Dec 30, 2008 & this am, she passed away. It just proves again, to me that you cannot trust ER's! It's scary! You trust these people w/your life of your loved ones & a few weeks go by, then they're gone. (this scenario happened to my family w/my oldest sister) Mariana's case was misdiagnosed from the beginning. From what I read though, the same thing happened to another woman. It just snowballs into another problem & gets worse. I don't understand how someone above chooses the this path for us people. It's not fair at all. I know. Life is not fair. Why not punish all the horrible people first? That shoot, kill, steal. You get the picture. You always hear the most heart wrenching stories happen to us normal, want nothing but to do good people. I'll never understand. I do know all things happen for a reason but there's no excuse for something like this.

You can click HERE to read story.

(This disease is scary. You how many people are diagnosed w/kidney stones & sent home?)

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