December 6, 2008

Lazy mornings

NEVER has this happened! ... My cousin Michael (from Vegas) & his familia came over lastnite & we ate at Nicantoni's. Well, Vic the owner wasn't in & didn't make our pizza. Yeah, well it DOES make a difference WHO makes it! We came back to the house & the girls played till after 12am! During the nite, Antonia woke up crying about her throat & had a slight temp. (none of this did she recall after waking up!) Our doorbell rang at 7am (by mistake of the elbow she says!) Graciella was dropped off by her friend's mom. She went to this infamous Cherry Street xmas lights deal that I keep hearing about! I want to get there this coming week w/the girls! So, I went back to bed. Lele, Antonia & Carlos were still asleep (in 'mommy's bed'). I hit the pillow & was out! I woke up at 1030! This is recording breaking! I guess all my late-niters during the week contributed to this!

It was super chilly this am, so I put the heat on. This is a first for us this season. It's absolutely too chilly in our bedroom but the rest of the house is fine. Soon after, the girls were asking about the burning smell. Oops! But that only lasted a few mins. We made hot chocolate w/whipped cream - yummy!

Here's two layouts for Devine Memories:

Carlos & Graciella circa 2000!

Hugo at 6 mos w/his big boy hair! (from this summer)

We found the battery pack xmas lights for Graciella at CVS! Score! I didn't know where to find these things. The Parade is tonight in downtown Chandler, complete w/the lighting of the Tumbleweed Xmas tree. She'll be walking w/her soccer team & the San Tan Legacy Soccer Club. I hope all goes well & the girls have fun. We need to get ready soon & head over to the park for a potluck w/everyone before parade.

Have a great wkend!

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Diana Waite said...

love the layouts Julie! So cute!!