December 31, 2008

Happy Holidays

Hope everyone had a great Xmas! Ours was... eventful (to say the least!) Things happen for a reason. And as I always said, "actions speak louder than words". So true!
I had made this for a class for Devine Memories. (But Xmas is here!) Perhaps, next year!

So much & pix to catch up with. Once again!

Devine Memories had the Design Team Xmas party - white elephant gift exchange. That was fun & the food was YUMMY! All the ladies were too nice though! I did end up w/Rebecca's box of goodies! Yea--- me!

Graciella had her Legacy party too. The girls had fun & all the families brought lots of yummy food! Pix are here.

The week before Xmas, the girls decorated a ginger bread house. They had fun w/out the fighting! Lele only asked me to eat the candy, instead of putting it on the house - 100 times!

Xmas Eve - we spent at the Jesson's, our extended familia & Gramma came with too! The girls had a blast opening gifts. Thx so much Jeannie & the rest of the clan for making it so-- much fun for our girls! We got home that nite to find gifts for the girls under the tree. Carrie & Rob came over too. Santa left the girls & Carrie new pjs for Xmas! Surprise! Surprise! ;) Gramma spent the nite too. The girls left oreos & milk for Santa, oats & carrots for the reindeer. He also left a note for the girls! Graciella said in the am, that she thought daddy could of wrote it. Hmm... I think she's beginning to figure things out. She hasn't said anything about the writing on the gift tags & the fact that Santa has the same wrapping paper as us... YET!

Xmas morning was CRAZY! But in the end... Carly, Kayvion, Gramma, Carrie & Rob spent the day. All was good. I'm just happy we were all together to celebrate. One person, however, was missing. Melina.

(I never got to make the garland for the tree!)

Santa left some huge boxes for the girls under... Next to the tree! After they were opened & daddy put everything together, this is what was left:
WHY the Home Alone face on Lele?!


Congas (too bright pic though. They're a really pretty burgundy wine color! See pic above!)
I LOVE THESE PIX OF ANTONIA! She was loving her boots w/all the fur inside! She was posing away & freezing at the same time! It was a chilly day!

I had made some bday cards & one was for Melina's bf - Zach. I'm Lovin' this stamp!

Carlos was caught up playing w/Sebastian (he's SUCH a mama's boy!). You would never guess that he's 15 yrs old!

We took the girls to see Bedtime Stories w/Adam Sandler. Such a cute movie! I want it on DVD!

Here's a card I made to send w/the box of gifts going to Bethesda, MD! Whoo-hoo! Rose, I beat you this year! :p (Again, I LOVE these Noteblock stamps!)

Have a safe New Years Eve!

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i am glad you got it! hopefully you can do something fun with the stuff in there!