November 26, 2008


Okay I LOVE this song... the dancing! Here it is - Beyonce "Put a Ring on it" (did anyone see SNL w/Justin - that was too funny!) Carlos came home w/the CD for me! :)

I'm a bit late to hear the news but I'M SO MAD! Disappointed is more like it! My shows: Lipstick Jungle & My Own Worst Enemy were cancelled. boo-hoo. :(

Girls got out of school early today. Well, Graciella did! I told Antonia she did, even sent her to school w/NO lunch! Well, turns out she had a full day. Oops! All was taken care of though. I can't believe Turkey Day is manana! Time is going quick. Where exactly is it rushing off too?! (sounds like I'm losing it! I'm not. I promise.) Just so-- much to do & NO time to do it! I need help!

Lately, I CANNOT take the whining & crying! It drives me nuts! Same thing when the dogs go out & constantly bark at bugs, birds, airplanes, the girls playing... don't they have to breathe?! Is it me? Why can't everyone just wake up happy & stay that way ALL day!? (I remember writing this in the past!)

Well, tomorrow should be fun! Macy's Parade first thing, baking, Carlos will be doing all the big stuff!, & everyone will be coming over. I'm hoping it doesn't rain though!

I went to Basha's yesterday w/Antonia & Lele. Well, we did it Coupon $ense style! Antonia was too excited about our receipt that was 8 ft 5 in long! I love going to the register & watching the total keep dropping! We paid $125.95 & saved $210.04! Whoo-hoo!

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