September 19, 2008


Half the time, I don't even know which day of the week it is! Between Carlos working all the time, even on days off & the girls w/soccer 4 times a week! Ahh!! But it's all good. This ALL just means we have the gift of our family, we're able to run here & there & have the $ to fill the gas tank to do so! ;p

Today was CRAZY running around...

Drive girls to school.
Drive Lele to preK.
Drive to car wash & wait 1.5 hrs for truck!
Hurry back to p/u Lele.
Go home for a few, make calls & check email.
Drive Hugo & Harley to Petsmart Grooming.
Drive to Devine Memories to p/u DT kit.
Drive to Costco & buy water/fruit for Graciella's soccer game Sat.
Drive home. Lele fell asleep.
Carlos helps me unpack truck, Lele stays home & naps.
Drive to Petsmart to p/u puppies.
Call school on way & let them know I'll be a few mins late to p/u my girls & daycare girls.
P/u puppies. Drive back home. Drop them off.
Hurry back to school & p/u all the girls.
Drive to car wash & speak to manager about bucket of dirty water LEFT in my truck!!
Drive back home.

Now that I was back home, I didn't want to leave AT ALL the rest of the day. After dealing w/this mgr guy at the car wash, later finding out that the a/c to the back of the truck is blowing HOT air & being spoken to like an adolescent by the school principal...

Yeah, well... I've had it w/these people!! I didn't leave again for today. Luckily, Carlos p/u my pix from Costco. THX U!

I forgot to mention that I listened to Antonia read 11 books to me for 1.5 hrs. That girl can read for 5 days straight! She loves to read like her mommy! She did that while I uploaded my pix!

~Tomorrow is a new day... but the fun will start at 7am to p/u some peaches!

9am - Antonia's soccer game
12ish - drop off puppies at sitters
2pm - Graciella's soccer game somewhere on the other side of Scottsdale/Phx
345ish - p/u puppies
6pm ish - Tint guy may come over & fix tint on truck.

Gnite all. xo

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Anne said...

Geeez! Sounds like a lot of time behind the wheel. Hope you get some rest soon! :-)