September 5, 2008

Big Sis


(My big sis & me)

This pic is from 2 yrs ago but the most recent I have of us! Sad huh?! She lives in MD & here I am, in AZ. I wish we could see each other MORE often! We talk every day via text, phone or email. She doesn't seem that far away. But I keep talking about it, the tears will come...

Rose - I miss you much & LOVE you even more! Hopefully, sooner than later, we can get these kids of ours together for a little reunion of our own! Always remember our 'gay' dance! (nothing derogatory people! Just a silly, stupid dance her & I do!) Do you remember you & Felicia throwing me in the ocean? I do. You two scarred me for life. Ha! What about dad always singing & dancing?! What about when me, you & Gladita played 1st, 2nd & 3rd base for the same softball team? Remember all the Xmas' when dad would guess every time his gift? How DID he know? I miss so much of when we were all together!!

Hope your bday is a great one!!

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