August 25, 2008

Lele's party


Lele's bday party was yesterday at a pottery place, downtown Chandler. Thx Alex for all your help! The girls love YOU!!

Bday Princess
(I told you! perfect pic but w/eyes closed & funny face! I think the AZ sun had something to do

Love this one! Pretty girls w/the historic downtown store front.

Artist at work... & she didn't get any on her dress! That part I actually forgot about! Those who know me, would think different!!

Lele w/her Gramma

From L to R: Back row - Kayvion, Shrek, Carly, Carrie, Jeannie, Sydney & her mom
Middle: Graciella, Katie, Amy, Charlotte, Colleen, Marci & Antonia
Couch: Haley, Leleanna, Nicholas & Olivia
Big thx to all who came & shared her special day! xo

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