August 20, 2008

Day to Celebrate


Today our baby turns four! Time flies! It's SO true, it's scary! She had preK first thing this am, then it was off to lunch. (THX Miss Priscilla for making her that adorable cupcake crown!) We took Antonia & Graciella out of school to go to Nicantonis to eat & celebrate! We even brought cake, candles & balloons. She was happy. We bought her a Sheltie webkinz & gave it to her at lunch. She was so excited! She has her OWN webkinz & can play her own games. Before, the girls let her play when they were on. We also got her a second one, but she'll get that for her party on Sunday. I tried to take some pix of the bday girl, but she NeVeR looks at me!! (well...this once she did!) ;)

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