August 2, 2008

Cards & More

This card I made from scraps. Simple. I used the Lisa Bearnson foam stamp 'you' on this. I love that whole set of stamps! (not your ordinary foam stamp set! it has 12" stamps too!)

This was made for the 'wrap-a-round' challenge over at Hero Arts. Did this super quick, not entirely happy w/the end result, but I do like my birds, swirls & bling!

Sad News for moi'... Hambly chose new DT. Six from the US & 6 International. YOU GO GIRLS! Enjoy & create your hearts out! I shall try once again!

Yesterday, it was actually HOT AS HELL or close to it! 125 when I got in the truck at 230 to pick up the girls from school! It did go down to 116 though, after I started driving. Crazy ain't it?!

Even at 6pm, it wasn't any cooler! I wasn't driving at that time. But Mia was & she was in it! UGH!

Here's a shout out to Miss Mindy!


Friday, they had a make up lesson & they just adore her! From the beginning of the summer till now, HUGE difference & more importantly, the girls have confidence when in the water. All 3 can swim on their own. Two older ones - no problems. Lele, she can swim but she cannot go long distances yet. She'll need the practice still but what a difference! She can jump in & get out on her own. She can swim under water & not above. She can dive to the bottom w/a little help & get the rings/diving stx. She holds her breath, w/out holding her nose. Ever. She'll swim a little, come up for air & go back under. She's a little fish! Her & her goggles. She's under the water swimming more than above! She hangs out more in the deep end than the kiddie section!


(You know how your kids NeVer listen to you, but WiLL listen to someone else's mama! In this case, I'm thankful!)

Antonia, Miss Mindy, Graciella

Lele getting help to dive in!

This morning, Graciella had a party for Legacy (soccer) at Folley pool. Super close to us. That works!! We never had gone but the girls LOVED it bcuz of the diving boards in the 12 foot end! They had to test & swim the width of the pool before they could go off the high dives, well both. They couldn't touch the bottom (Antonia couldn't anyway!) & couldn't touch the ropes. Both finished & spent the 3 hrs on both the high dive & lower one. We NEED to tell Mindy about this visit! It was crazy to see these little kids jump off & swim the long distance to the other side of the pool! I'll post pix manana. I need to eat, watch some Days & go to bed!

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Latrice said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for coming by my blog. You have some great stuff here too and your girls are too darned cute! Stop by again soon. Talk to you soon.