August 12, 2008

aNoTHer close call!

with Antonia. She had big scissors in her hand & was trying to cut some tape off her new panties! Ya know how they come all rolled up in a new pkg? Well, I don't know why she couldn't just peel it off but we were all in the kitchen... when she started screaming & holding her eye!! (Yes, I was scared -AGAIN - to see when she took her hand away!) I was expecting to see blood. Nada. I checked her eye out w/a flash light in every direction. Nada. She said it went up into her eyelid. Inside. Hmm... after a cold wash cloth, laying in my lap on couch, in mommy's arms... she finally calmed down. She complained about it later at the store. It would get blurry in that one eye, then she'd blink then it would be okay.

I made an appt today w/her eye dr. I'll pick her & Graciella up a bit early from school then off to the drs. We shall see. Obviously, I'm hoping (& praying) for the best.

SO--- much I want/need to do. Scrapping & sewing. In between driving to preK, girls' school & washing the couch/love seat & chair cushions & pillow covers.... they look NEW again!! Yippee! ha! I need to do laundry to! As well as make a few cards... layouts, DT stuff...


Had appt w/the eye dr & ALL IS GOOD! Thank God again! Turns out she was trying to pull the tape off & had the scissors in her hand, THAT'S how they ended up in her eye!! The dr said that she could of had a superficial wound & when it comes to the eyes, it can heal w/in 24 hrs! If she did have one, it was a tiny one. Luckily, it's over & she was fine all day at school too! Whew--!

Graciella had soccer practice in this heat! YUK! But daddy took her & stayed there w/her. I love that man!! (& I know he loves me...gush, gush. Hee-hee)

Okay, Min I KNOW you sent me pix & I WILL post them manana. I promise!!

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