July 22, 2008

My Sister


Me & Gladita. I always liked this pic, even w/it blurry.

Mother's Day

It got up to 110 on our way to see Gladita. Gramma, myself & the girls all took a drive. Carlos was going to come & ate some lunch. Soon after, he got sick & stayed home. Poor daddy. Yuk! I wish he didn't eat that meat!

We got there & basically melted! (even w/umbrella coverage!) We all sang to her & Lele blew out her candle. I forgot the forks, so I fed us all cake w/the tiny baby fork that came w/it! After we said a prayer, I read what I wrote in her card & the tears soon followed. The tree that's pretty close to her - is finally growing back! Hopefully, in a few years it can provide some shade! She'll love that!

She is missed more & more each day. Time flies, no matter who leaves us. It just doesn't seem fair. I know life is not fair. This is why "all of this" is all called...LIFE. Your heart just never stops hurting. Sure, you can laugh pretty hard at some of the memories, but in the end.. My big sister will never be here, like I want her to be. Hard hugs, straight out truth, laughing so hard, surprise gifts for her nieces from their Titi, long drives to tourist spots, talking about that special someone, dreams, goals, talking over Starbucks, listening to Marc Anthony in her truck w/her driving, windows down, hair getting all messed..I can just look over & see her perfectly, as though it just happened again.

I could go on & on, but for all those who never met my sister, she was a ball of fire! She had lots of friends & her family loved her! We just miss her to pieces.

We love & miss you much. xoxo

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