June 30, 2008

A new day

I feel like it's been forever since I last wrote! I've been moving furniture around in my bedroom. Fun stuff! Mainly, my scrapbook collection, addiction, supplies, furniture... I'm happy w/it, more room, I can actually SEE my bigger tools/machines. They're not hidden on a bottom shelf that I cannot access, unless I move MORE scrapbk stuff! Carlos hung up my flower stash holder & he'll hang up the rest of my display thingies manana. It's late now, but I was trying to figure out HOW in the **** do I change the size on my images? It wasn't working anyway. The smallest I was able to do was 129K. I need it at 100K. Actually, Hambly does.

That brings me to my next quest... Today is the deadline for Hambly & I wanted to submit some things, but I doubt they'll open the att. if it's bigger than the 100K req size. ?? Anyone have any suggestions? HELP!! Any would be APPRECIATED!!

Okay, NEXT - on to my FAVE store... dah, dah, dah --------- (you have to sing that part!) DEVINE MEMORIES ! I need to turn in my design team submissions to them asap! Like first thing in the am, after Lele goes to preK. I didn't forget & I'm so happy that I actually HAD them done already!! Let me know what you think!

This is a gift for Leleanna for her 4th bday in Aug.

This is Leleanna from Spring of this year.

The journaling reads:

I am whimsical.

I am youthful.

And full of life.

I am your pink tutu,

and with or without music,

you & I will never stop dancing.
I cannot take the credit for coming up w/this. I took a picture of this billboard at the mall. The picture of the little girl next to it made me stop to read the writing. I LOVE it! Right then, I told myself, this would be PERFECT for a scrapbk page! I was happy! It's the little things. Okay, this flower, I LOVE this too!

My fluffy flower

I recently stumbled upon a flower similar to this online. ?? I could swear I made one like this in the past! I KNOW I did. (browsing on different sites is the best! You forget all the techniques out there! It's a 'refresher'!) So I made one again! I LOVE it! Ain't it pretty? I have a chipboard flower in the center w/the lined paper w/a pearl brad. The paper was actually an old bag that I saved from a trip to an ink store. I thought it was pretty cool that the store put your purchases in this & sent you on your way! So, I kept mine! It's the little things.

Have a great week! ... I need to go to sleep!

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Diana Waite said...

These will rock the house Julie!!