June 23, 2008

My Fingers are Crossed!

Just checked Cosmo's blog & they will narrow it down to 12 today & let everyone know tomorrow!! They also wrote... soooooooooooooo many applicants... so w/this being an international deal, we'll see how it goes. With all the talented scrappers out there, I'm sure it'll be a tough decision! (I'm just praying, secretly, that they pick me!! ;] )

Until later... got lots to do today!

Have a great Monday everyone!


Did this layout yesterday - the grungeboard letters are painted & have crackle medium. I LOVE it! It looks shabby, barnyard like, run down...


Sparklinbecks said...

Your submissions were gorgeous! Yo
u cant leave us hanging! What happened?!

Michael and Dena said...

Hey I didn't know you started a blog. I'm so glad I found it. Now I can see how you are doing. It has been awhile since we talked. You still are doing Awesome stuff with your scrapbook pages. Hopfully we can talk soon maybe go out to eat or have a scrap night.