June 14, 2008

It's been ConFirMed!

The tail bone is broke, thanks to a lovely xray taken by our friend, Stewart the chiropractor. Not fun, it stills kills when I bend at the waist, if someone bumps into me! The girls are the perfect height to do this! Cannot lift anything such as a full gallon of milk or Lele! Getting up from sitting, yeah. You get the picture!

Received a nice gift though, that I bought! I talked to Marci & told her that I would be by to pick up the pillow to sit on & help me w/this pain... her & her accomplice Patrick, thought they would sign my 'cast'. It was funny though & thoughtful! ;)

The girls & I finally got a chance to do Devine Memories virtual crop last nite. It worked out bcuz I got to stand at my table. We stayed up scrappin away until late. They're still sleeping right now too. Anyway, I still need to finish two challenges. This one was great too bcuz I had pages done in record time!

7 pm challenge - use a cranky/real day pic of someone
This is Antonia at 2 mos.

9pm challenge - use a white background
Didn't I just do that on the last one?! This pic is one of those
you get taken at the mall. This particular trip wasn't
even planned for the pic! I had to go have my ring checked!

Bonus challenge - use the title 'what a fairy tale!'
This is Min at Disneyland. She's been wanting
to go FORever! Thx Zach!!

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